Who am I?

“We build people, and these people build great companies”

Some of my former mentors used to say. Do you agree?

my story

I became interested in the development of the human personality and its characteristics as a high school kid. In 2006 I joined the American company Southwestern Advantage. Since 1868 they have been organizing a Sales & Management Internship Program for college students, teaching them how to run their own sales business acquiring selling, communication, team-working skills and develop their leadership potential.

After finishing the first summer with top results, I was invited to participate the following year, on a student management level. At the age of 20 I started recruiting, being responsible for the selection, training and leading the sales teams during the working process. Five years later I was ahead of the Bulgarian group, living between Bulgaria and the USA and lead a team of 60 people, having won multiple awards for top management, recruitment and sales results.

In October 2012 I decided to move on and explore other opportunities, focusing effort into learning about building effective organizations. That is when I got my MS in Organizational Behaviour and Consulting of Organizations from Sofia University. Southwestern taught me to look for opportunities all the time and the desire to build businesses got me into an intensive course on Entrepreneurship in Babson College, MA, USA (through The Institute of International Education & funded by America for Bulgaria Foundation).

Combining both interests in Organizational Psychology and building companies I am currently a PhD Student in Sofia University. I am exploring the formation of organizational culture and group effectiveness in newly started ventures. A proud Fulbright scholarship holder, I am a visiting researcher in the University of Southern California, USA so the research will be a cross-culutural and one of true value.

Thanks to my family`s values and all experiences and chances in life, I have a burning desire to make an impact and am currently working on a project to help new ventures develop a sustainable organizational culture that leads to business effectiveness.

                                                                                                                                                                                                           Evelina Prodanova

Will you join me in that adventure?

The research is devoted to getting practical results and ideas on improving in that field. The actual value will come when the research is completed. Its goal is to find connection between types of organizational culture, team and company effectiveness, employee engagement and satisfaction. Its goal is to find what patterns and models a startup can follow to retain talent and achieve results in the dynamics of its life cycle. I believe we can change the startup world.

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We are involved because:

  • It is super important to work towards building a company culture, it is in fact a priority to me, as that way we stay focused on our common goals and it serves as an ongoing motivation to everyone. When the end goals are clear we do not waste time in communicating why we are doing what we are doing over and over again. Plus, a stable company is built on values and the organizational culture is based on that.

    Yavor Vassilev CO2 Cards, Bulgaria

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“Vestibulum ac diam sit amet quam vehicula elementum sed sit amet dui.”

– Jina Perez


“Vestibulum ac diam sit amet quam vehicula elementum sed sit amet dui.”

– katy Connely
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