is a way to help all newly started ventures around the world become sustainable businesses!

What is it?



is focused on formation of organizational culture and group effectiveness in newly started ventures. It originated as a PhD candidate research with the goal to find the suitable models for company development and help emerging companies apply them.


471 M entrepreneurs every year

90% of all startups worldwide fail

305 M startups established every year

Human & material waste

Starting a business today…

… is easier, more accessible and supported by external resources than ever! Alongside the issues that globalization brings, it also provides gazillions of opportunities to create solutions for world-wide problems. New technologies and new ways of experiencing and living our lives emotionally richer are being invented. Starting a new venture is not as difficult any more. However, statistics show that keeping that business growing and turning it into a sustainably developing company is the hard task.

3 biggest failure reasons according to founders:

How important in reality is the internal environment – the organizational culture?

How much does it affect the way your company would develop and grow?The values, the habits, the philosophies, the common goals, the way of leading the venture, the decision making process, the reasons why people are engaged and stay in your startup, the way the organization speaks to itself and the rest of the world.
One of the main competitive advantages of companies like Apple, Walmart, Southwest Airlines, Pixar, Comcast, Walgreens, that are taking over their market opponents, is their organizational culture. It is not only market factors like non-substitutable product, higher barriers to enter (i.e. special technology, high cost, proprietary knowledge), large market share, low levels for bargaining power for buyers and few alternatives, rivalry against competitors that do matter.

So let`s talk about your culture.

Participate and make a difference.

Who am I?

I became interested in the development of the personality and its characteristics while still in high school. And years later that curiosity turned into much bigger passion – exploring companies and figuring out ways to turn them into effectively working machines. Well, as my mentors used to say – great people build great companies. So these two walk hand in hand.

  • A research enthusiast with a burning desire to make an impact
  • A curious Fulbrighter
  • A kayaker by hobby and soul
  • A sunset chaser during the rest of the time
  • And like all of you, a human

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