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The research aims to obtain strategic insights from global leaders of emerging companies that are less than 6 years old and that are faced with the challenge of building the right culture and strong effective teams. Its goal is to find connection between types of organizational culture, team and company effectiveness, employee engagement and satisfaction.

I believe we can change the world of new ventures. I believe we can change the numbers in the ‘Failure reports‘.

Take the survey now, it takes about 20 minutes to complete. Get your peers on board – it is important that as many people of your company fill it out as possible if we want accurate results.

What`s in it for your company?

In return you will get an exclusive report containing what models a new venture can follow to retain talent and achieve results in the dynamics of its life cycle. The report will give practical ideas on improving your company culture. The report will help you understand what is and how to manage appropriate organizational change.   


Don`t just sit on a chair. Get involved.

This research is being conducted mainly in Europe and the USA. If you are a company based somewhere else in the world – you can still join! If you would like to have a specific insight on your community – get your culture-focused peers involved as well!


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