Company culture going to the Moon

Naveen Jain has a mindset that has no limits. Is this the reason why he builds companies that make it to the Moon? Or such that help us choose living in a world where illness is in fact optional?

He visited Bulgaria in June 2017 for one of the biggest European tech conferences Digital|K, and shared insights on building ventures that last and grow. Moon Express is landing on the Moon very soon and for all the other companies he has established people like to say that they create true impact.


Listening to him and feeling the passion he has got for solving big, real problems, there is no doubt that this is definitely one of the ingredients in the successful company recipe. However, I asked him what company culture he is building so that all these ventures are becoming a positive story that lasts and grow, and here`s what he shared:

I focus on building a culture of transparency. Transparency in everything that we do. The people that we work with shall know that they can share their opinion, ideas and comments any time, there is nothing that we do hidden from anyone in the company. Everyone feels and understands that not only they can contribute but these contributions are being sought, wanted and appreciated.

That being said, we want these people to also own the company. That way they know why they are putting effort, that way they have a reason to stay and be engaged. And that way I am sure that we have the best people on board as they are interested to stay, develop and grow with us.

And we do not just work with passion, we work for solving problems. We believe that there is no problem in this world that cannot be solved. We believe that what we do is important and we are working hard to find impactful solutions.

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